Meet Sabor... the gentle giant, aka thunder paws and the ear!


Sabor was my the first foster & from day one, he made it memorable. As we headed back north, it didn't take long before he was making himself comfortable. One of the things I loved about him is that he always seemed to want to have some part of himself touching you. At one point when I laid my hand down between shifting, he lays his head on my hand..it tugged at the old heartstrings for sure. He definately was a (large) velcro dog.


On the skinny side after being in a CT shelter for 6 months


Practicing his “leave it’s.”


Sabor had a few issues to work on, (and being a senior, some of these behaviors took awhile to work on) before he could be placed in a forever home. 90% of the time he was an absolute sweetie, real laid back...“until” he would see another dog...either when riding in the car or when walking on "the path" and at over 100lbs worth of dog, you really had to work at keeping him under control when we were out walking. So yes, in the beginning, we woos'd out...and did the sections of the trail that were not as "busy."

After 4 months of intensive work, (clicker and other) and some sage advice from some other GS owners, on the german shepherds.com boards... along and our many, many, many walks by, (in Sabor’s words) ”those 2 houses that had dogs,” he finally got it!  He was finally able to go right by with just 1 ”leave it” command & eventually I didn”t” even have to use it. (insert large smile here, I will admit, there were some days, I had my doubts.)

josh4 josh3

Josh fell in love with him, can you tell?


Sabor telling Josh it was time for a break!

I think that this pic is the only one that show’s his size, from a different perspective. My vet always commented when we went in, about how “long” he was.

He was 97 lbs when he first came up (hard to believe that the vet considered that skinny for him...but ya know, even the pics don’t totally show his “real size”) and 112 lbs  and looking good, when he left.

Sabor is now in his forever home in northern NH. (this house is sure empty, without him around) He’s with a wonderful older lady, who had recently lost her 13year old shepherd, and her other shepherd had been moping around missing her buddy.....enter Sabor ;)

The latest update on him, he's sooo happy in his new yard. It’s huge, with 6 ft fence and dog doors to go outside whenever he wants. (He’s figured out how to go out the dog doors, but hasn’t quite mastering coming in them yet.) He LOVES to go lay on the deck and watch whats going on, or just following Sadie around the yard. They were telling me that Sadie's afraid of thunder but last night when it was thundering,  Sabor was just laying there all calm and instead of going to hide she just went and layed down next to him.  That’s my boy. ;)

Newest update is that he now has gotten the hang of going in and out the dog doors, and is doing awesome!

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